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I think this is all helpful information. The timeline is tight, but we don't need to decide that tonight. 

It sounds like you had a productive conversation. I appreciate the effort. 

I think that motion is a good starting point. Feel free to suggest it (or your own version of it, once we begin discussions.

Thanks, Jean! 

--Amy P.

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--Amy P.

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Here are the results of my conversation. Tell me how you want me to proceed.

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My suggestions:

1.  call the study "Building Utilization" and not "Redistricting."  One term is emotionally charged and gets everyone anxious and the other term

is not emotionally charged.

2. start with history, asking for access to school committee records for 2005 through 2009.  

Why? The reorganization for the preschool I think was 2005 and 2006. 

Closing Green River was around 2006. 

Records starting 2009 are posted. 

3. initial focus on PK through grade 3/4

Why?  Start it isn't overwhelming. 

4. ...and start #3 with a look at children who live within walking distance of Green River see how many would walk to school

if t hat school re-opened for elementary.

5.... Data?  I suggest using the official October 1 data which will be submitted to the DESE...names are not needed.

And our transportation routes...showing which children are using transportation...

 I would have 4 reasons:

1) we have heard there are space concerns at 4Cs and Newton,

2) with the Corona Virus, a key concern of school districts, the nation, and parents is looking at 

walk-to-school models is important now,

3) the costs of transportation for Greenfield is very high, because there is no state reimbursement for general transportation,

4) the Green River School is apt to be available for next year; it was not permanently closed but shuttered for renovations. 

For a motion, I suggest:

That a special study of facility use and geographic distribution of resident students assist the school committee in future planning, 

and have the following tasks:

1. review the history of school buildings and school building use in Greenfield, 

2. working with the district's October 1st report and school bus routes, review the geographic distribution of elementary children through grade 4,

3. in particular look at children within walking distance of the city's five school buildings used for Prek-grade 4 education,

4. review any reports or records about facility utilization and building use decisions,

5. report back to the school committee no later than January 2021. 

If this were the motion, we would be following our policies on assuring any subcommittee or advisory committee has its tasks assigned and a timeline for reporting back.

It would be helpful if there was no argument about talking to the elementary principals who have some history in the district, like Mel or Nancy and talking to our transporters.