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This is the stuff we need to promote damn it.

How long have they been there and what have they been doing? I wanna promote this on my school comm Facebook. During this time the district has had the wonderful privilege of x blah blah blah

We need some good pr right now. People think we’ve done nothingish.

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It’s a little shocking that its been over five months that you all kindly opened up your school to us when we all found ourselves scrambling.  Our program will be forever grateful for your support and patience. 


By the end of today we will be packed up and out of there and will do our best to leave the space as it we found it back in March. 


Before we go though I wanted to pass along a huge thank you to all of you for everything.  In particular, the support we received during this time from the facilities team has been extraordinary.  Tim, Chuck and Alan made our transition

back in the spring feel seamless, and since that time Tim in particular has been incredible.  I joked with him, that there was a period of time where I felt like I was calling him more than my own mother, during it all he has never been short of kind and helpful. 


Knowing the facilities team, and all that you are doing right now to prepare for reopening, I wish we were able to leave them a bigger window to get the space cleaned and ready.  I trust that they will get the job done, and again am grateful

for their patience and understanding.


Wishing you all the best this upcoming school year.


Thank you!




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